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Muslim Speakers Network guest speakers are ideal for supplementing and enhancing courses in History, Religious Studies, Humanities, Education and Global Studies. Preparing students with a global education to succeed in the 21st century requires an awareness and understanding of religious diversity.

We offer a variety of valuable educational presentations to enhance and supplement student learning about Islam and other major world religions and cultures. Learn more

Our presentations are available at no charge to schools, colleges and universities.

In light of the ongoing conflicts worldwide and the threat of terrorism that continues to be reported in today’s media, it is important for students to meet American Muslims, interact with them and have open dialogue to improve the understanding of the Muslim world. We offer educators the opportunity to invite American Muslims who are certified speakers to visit your classrooms. Upon your request, they will deliver presentations that are designed to supplement a wide range of studies from World History and Islam to Comparative Religions and Women’s Studies.



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“Thank you so much for speaking to my students! It’s great to work together to break down prejudices and spread understanding …”

--Teacher in Los Angeles