Now Hiring! Program Manager – Full Time , Exempt

Effective immediately: The Islamic Shura Council of Southern California is hiring a Program Manager for its educational outreach program, Muslim Speakers Network. This is a full-time exempt position.

Because the demand for MSN’s work has increased drastically since joining the Shura Council in Oct. 2015, it has become necessary to hire a full-time Manager in order to sustain MSN’s growth and manage its various responsibilities. The Program Manager will standardize and streamline all processes within MSN, provide a consistent communication and reference point for MSN-related matters, will supervise MSN’s coordinators and interns, manage content development, support fundraising efforts and long-term strategizing.


  • Position title: MSN Program ManagerStatus: Full-time, exempt
  • Status: Full-time, exempt
  • Report to: Shura Council Associate Director
  • Supervise: MSN coordinators, interns, and speakers
  • Position Advisors: MSN Trustees


  • The Program Manager is responsible for development and implementation of several existing and new programs, networking within and outside the Muslim community, as well as coordinating and supporting fundraising efforts, and setting and meeting both short-term and long-term goals.
  • The Program Manager will serve as the official MSN spokesperson and offer a consistent communication and reference point for all MSN-related matters.
  • The Program Manager will directly supervise MSN Staff, Interns, Volunteers, and Certified Speakers.


  • Supervise MSN staff and volunteers
    • Coordinator
    • Intern(s) (as well as intern recruitment)
  • Standardize and streamline all processes, including, but not limited to, the following:
    • Impact data collection through student surveys
    • Presentation development process
    • Content updating process
    • Chapter formation process
    • Certification process for each slide presentation
  • Database development (MSN mailing list, funders, schools, teachers, professors, interfaith, trainees, educators, stakeholders)
  • Oversee long-term strategizing
  • Coordinate and support fundraising efforts, including grants
  • Manage outreach outside Muslim community
    • MSN liaison for school districts
    • Manage outreach to schools, colleges, universities, homeschool community, interfaith, medical, corporate communities
    • Work with school districts to arrange for teacher trainings
  • Manage outreach within Muslim community
    • Increase public awareness of MSN’s work and raise the visibility of the organization through appropriate venues, including booths, social media and newsletter
    • Promote MSN speaker trainings to masajid and Islamic institutions
    • Promote MSN youth workshops to Muslim youth
    • Develop relationships/partnerships within Muslim institutions
  • MSN Manual
    • Contribute to development and completion of a comprehensive manual containing MSN process, procedures, policies, recommendations, etc.
  • MSN chapters
    • Serve as a liaison
    • Oversee relationships, including contracts, trainings, and follow-up
  • MSN Spokesperson
    • Within Muslim community and externally
    • Provide quarterly reports to Shura board, Shura membership, Muslim community
  • Speakers
    • Recruit speakers and oversee scheduling of trainings
    • Manage speaker certification for new and certified speakers
    • Develop and maintain speaker culture to offer support to speakers and learn about their strengths and best ways to engage each individual
    • Certify and manage speakers in new content as appropriate
    • Provide opportunities for speakers to develop new skills, such as education about other faiths, public speaking skills, advanced topics education (answering tough questions)
    • Collect feedback from those requesting presentations to share with speakers
  • Content Development
    • Manage the development of new presentations and other content, including scripts, slides, graphic design, and scholarly approval
    • Schedule content updates annually for all necessary content
    • Manage the development of educational materials for public school students
    • Manage the development of Islamically-themed traveling displays and their rotation through public and private institutions
    • Manage collaboration of MSN with other institutions in developing new content
  • Create and develop marketing and branding strategy
  • Develop and build upon MSN’s social media presence
  • Manage MSN website design and updates
  • Coordinate work with other Shura Council staff and vendors


  • Four-year college degree
  • 10+ years experience in program management, content development, and execution
  • Professional manner and communication skills are key
  • Able to work independently, be resourceful and take initiative when necessary
  • Organized in work to ensure all tasks are completed in a timely manner
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office and Windows-based computer applications and basic database management
  • Able to present in public
  • Passion for cultural diversity education
  • Demonstrated ability to work with and manage staff/volunteers
  • Must have a valid driver’s license, reliable transportation and be able to drive throughout Southern California
  • Experience with and knowledge of public school system is a plus


The Program Manager position is a FULL TIME EXEMPT position. The Program Manager will be paid a salary that is commensurate with his/her abilities, education and experience. Salary range is $48,000-$52,000. This position includes medical, mileage reimbursement, holiday and sick leave benefits package.

To Apply:

Email cover letter and resume/CV to

Since Fall semester is fast approaching, please apply by August 16th.