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The Muslim Speakers Network provides education about American Muslims and their faith in order to supplement the curriculum of middle and high schools. We address misconceptions and promote mutual respect through presentations that are interactive, engaging, and comprehensive.

We certify our speakers only after a comprehensive process that includes training, testing, background checking and observation in a live setting by qualified veteran speakers. Our speakers adhere to strict guidelines that emphasize neutrality when presenting.

In an environment which is becoming increasingly hostile to American Muslims, including American Muslim students, it is crucial to provide educators with content and speakers that provide an accurate and balanced description of this major world religion and its adherents.

“Even though each religion is different between Jews, Christians and Muslims, we all believe in one thing: God. Thank you for coming and teaching us about your religion.”

-- 7th grade student

“I was able to share what I learned with my family. I hope to one day have a Muslim friend so I can learn more about the customs and traditions of your great religion.”

-- 7th grade student

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