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For educational purposes only
Adheres to First Amendment guidelines on teaching about religion
Improve engagement
Foster inclusive climate
Counter bias and stereotypes
Diversity trainings, cultural competency, and inclusion of American Muslims
Support research or projects related to Islam and Muslims
Review educational curriculum
Offer authentic representation of Muslims
Connect with a network of scholars, community leaders, and students
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“I have learned more in the last 45 minutes, listening to you, than I have learned in the last five years of my life.” a Social Studies Department chair, Cypress School District“Thank you, thank you! for the valuable class. I can now respond with insight, compassion, and confidence when I hear incorrect information about Islam.”“[These are] the best classes I have attended at Olli — Thank you and I hope you repeat it.” “I enjoyed this class VERY much, all the presenters were very enlightening.” “All presentations were valuable, interesting, and excellent.” OLLI 8-Week Course at CSULB“I would love ...
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